How To Set Values For Your Creativity

If there is one thing Sam has taught me since she joined our team over four years ago, core values are essential to a successful business. I’d always worked based on my values implicitly, but it wasn’t until I defined them that I felt a shift. Our values help our organization navigate every decision we make. I found that when I applied values to my creativity, they (my creative projects) became much more aligned with who I am and what I’m passionate about.

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Make a List

The first step to creating these values is to make a list. List out all the things that come to mind when you think about your creative process and the things you want to create. What’s important to you? What are your intentions? Next, look to see how you can categorize those things. Can you narrow them down to five or fewer values? Then make your final list. Even though these values act as a guiding light, keep them fluid. See how they change as you grow and evolve. They’re there to help you, not to be a hindrance.

Here are my creativity values this year:

Authenticity: I will only create things that feel true to who I am. The work will reflect the various things that have shaped me and the hopes I have for my future.

Individuality: My work will be unique to me and who I am as an individual. It will show my strengths and weaknesses and show how I’m growing.

Quality: I will hold my creative work to a high standard. I will only put out work that is of quality to me.

Collaboration: I aim to work with others as much as possible this year. When I do things with talented people, the work is that much better!

I like to write these out and paste them on my desk as a reminder. I can’t wait to start making stuff!

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Author: Taylor Sterling

Taylor Sterling is the founder and creative director of Glitter Guide. When she's not working on all things GG, she can be found reading and sometimes art directing photoshoots for @LolaJayne. She enjoys spending time with her family and eating french fries (not necessarily at the same time, although that's definitely the best combination). Follow her at @TaylorSterling