How To Decorate Your Home To Encourage Creativity

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Considering we’re stuck at home for the unforeseeable future, I thought it would be useful to share ways you can encourage creativity inside your home. It may feel impossible right now if you have a full house—I know that my favorite corners had to be reworked. Think of it as a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles in reimagining your space. You may find you’ll want to keep it this way long after the stay-at-home orders are lifted.

Image via Architectural Digest

Bliss Station

We’ve talked about the importance of Bliss Stations many times. Bliss Stations are an idea that came from author Joseph Campbell. They’re a place where you disengage from the world and your daily concerns. They’re meant to be a “creative incubation” zone. Joseph believes that everyone needs a Bliss Station. Whether it’s a room in your home, a studio or even a walk through the park—we need time each day where we ignore the news, the internet, emails, texts, etc. Ideally, if you have a spare room in your home to devote to this, that’s amazing. For me, this used to be my upstairs landing space/office. It’s where I have all my favorite art, books and décor. It’s a space completely decimated to my interests. Now that I’m sharing my home 24/7 with the family, it wasn’t working, so I’ve moved my desk into a corner of our bedroom where I can close the door and lock it! I can go to my room and take a breather. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes. If you don’t have any rooms to create this in, think about tiny nooks in your home. Maybe it’s a window with amazing sunlight or a patch of space in your yard.

Image via Histórias de Casa


I’m obsessed with shelving because it’s an easy way to give a home some character. I love seeing my favorite books, records and knick-knacks displayed where I can easily reference them. Whenever I’m starting a new creative project, books and music are my first source of inspiration. You can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their shelves.

Image via Louise


We all know that art is inspiring, so having it in your home is a great way to keep you feeling creative. I like to have a lot of different art mixed throughout my house to evoke different moods. If I’m having a day where I’m in a creative rut, I will pick a piece of art in my home and choose something to focus on. Sometimes it’s the color, or the composition. I then build an idea off of the theme I’m working with.

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Plants bring life to a space. Having plants throughout your home is calming and peaceful. This is especially important during this hectic and stressful time. I find that a sunlit corner with a plant is an easy trick to transporting me to another place—even if I’m stuck at home.

Image via Casa de Valentina


For me, lighting is a very important part of my creative process. I struggle with inspiration and my mood when the lighting is too harsh. Does your home have areas with a good amount of natural light? If possible, turn those into your creative hubs. I also like to use soft light bulbs and dimmers on light switches for setting the mood.

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Author: Taylor Sterling

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