The Best Workout Based On Your Enneagram

Buzzfeed quizzes, horoscopes, Myers-Briggs, love languages…there are so many ways to “discover” your true personality! One of the latest trends is the enneagram, “a model of the human psyche, which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types.” People are now using enneagrams to give workplace advice, decide what show to bingewatch next or even to learn how to talk to their partner about touchy topics.

And while these personality types certainly aren’t the end all and be all of who you are, they are a fun way to find new recommendations or tips for what you might like to integrate into your day! They can help you cater your decisions to the way you approach the world, and that even includes the way you approach the gym! If you struggle to get to the gym even when it’s a workout you LIKE, trying to force fit an un-fun hour of fitness into your day is going to lead to just one thing…you skipping the gym. So, let your enneagram be your guide when you look for your next workout! Our contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, is here with options that cater to your personal strengths and help make getting moving a little bit more fun…

  1. The Reformer: Pilates

This one should have been self-explanatory because there are literally Pilates classes that you can take…ON A REFORMER. This workout is all about small movements and adjustments that make a big difference, making it ideal for the self-control and perfectionism that “The Reformer” is known for.

  1. The Helper: Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a truly unique workout experience, so you need to be open to new experiences and working with other people. “The Helper” has great interpersonal skills and likes to work with others to succeed. They’re also a generous type of human, and a main part of trying out a new workout like this one is being generous with yourself. This isn’t a workout you’ll pick up in one try, and it requires a lot of trust in yourself and your teacher, so this will play to “The Helper’s” strengths, but also help them grow.

  1. The Achiever: Spin

“Achievers” are success-oriented, driven and focus on excelling in all they do. That works perfectly with the fast-paced environment of a Spin class. Plus, given that they’re somewhat image-conscious, going to a hip and happening spin studio will mean you can take awesome photos for your Insta-Story while you get your sweat on!

  1. The Individualist: Swimming

Sometimes we forget about swimming, but if you haven’t done it lately, it’s definitely something you should add to your 2020 fitness goals. It forces you to disconnect from technology and other people, making way for you to clear your head and work your body without the high-impact effects of a practice like running. For the more withdrawn “Individualist,” it’s a great way to re-focus on yourself and think through some of your more dramatic emotions.

  1. The Investigator: Hiking or rock climbing

It’s time to get outside! Explore, learn new things about the world around you, and most importantly, get away from it all. “Investigators” can crave isolation, and an outdoor workout is the best way to commune with nature and get your sweat on…without becoming a total hermit. Unplug the headphones and let Mother Earth welcome you in.

  1. The Loyalist: Boxing or running

There are certain fitness practices that take constant attention. You need to consistently work your butt off to achieve your goals in a sport like running or boxing. They are not things you can pick up in one session, making them the ideal practice for our committed and responsible “Loyalists.” Stay loyal to these routines in 2020, and you might find yourself exceeding even your own expectations.

  1. The Enthusiast: A dance class

If you’re easily distracted and a bit scattered-brained, staying focused for a long run or a very specific training session might be asking a lot. Enter: dance classes! Pick a style of dance you’ve always been interested in, be it salsa or tap or Zumba, and throw yourself in headfirst.

  1. The Challenger: HIIT workouts

“The Challenger” is intense. They are no joke. They want to be number one and they will work hard for it. That’s why structured HIIT workout classes like OrangeTheory or Barry’s Bootcamp are perfect for them! Not only is the goal to push yourself to your limit, you’ll also be ranked against other people in the class. Nothing will make “The Challenger” happier than finishing at the front of the pack.

  1. The Peacemaker: Hot yoga or meditation

The world can be a cruel and overwhelming place at times. For the easygoing, reassuring “Peacemaker,” it can be a lot to take in every day. Yoga and meditation will keep your mind centered and clear of negativity, while still enabling you to sweat it out a bit. The outside world can give you a break for an hour a day at least!

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