Coastal Meets Boho In This One-Of-A-Kind Home

Lindsey Graziano

A rug is arguably one of the most important items to purchase for a room, but with so many options available out there, choosing the perfect rug is not easy. New England Loom’s Lindsey Graziano understands just how important rugs are to enhancing the aesthetic of a space, and has a passion for finding one-of-a-kind rugs that others can purchase from her shop and add to their own homes. And one look at Lindsey’s beautiful coastal-meets-boho one-story cottage, it’s obvious she knows a thing or two about style and design. While her own rugs are some of her most-treasured items in her home, we think her entire space is swoon-worthy. So step inside and enjoy! Plus, get ready to take notes on Lindsey’s tips on maintaining a rug, adding plants to a space and her favorite stores to shop for home décor.

Tell us about your space! How would you describe your home décor style?

I would describe my home décor style as “coastal meets boho.” My style is very influenced by the East Coast where I grew up, but also pulls in a lot of that more modern California aesthetic that I’m so inspired by. I’ve always sourced a lot of inspiration from the beach and ocean, so you’ll find a lot of blue and natural elements like wood throughout our home.

What is your favorite room in your home, and why?

Oddly enough, my favorite space in our home is outdoors. Our home is a one-story cottage shaped like a “U” that wraps around an amazing outdoor terrace. The layout means that almost every single room has three exterior facing walls that let in amazing natural light, and each room also has French doors leading outside to that patio. In the summer months, we treat the terrace as almost a second living room, and can walk straight out our kitchen across it to our bedroom without ever going through the rest of the house! This patio also serves as our rug photo shoot space for three seasons of the year. We spend a lot of time out there.

Rug // Coffee Table

We love all of the plants in your home! How can others incorporate plants into their home without it being overwhelming?

Plants are so good for the soul and such an easy way to bring life to a room. I can’t speak to not making it overwhelming because to be honest, I could live in a greenhouse and be very happy, the more plants the better! I think that the rule of threes applies here—we have at least one large, one medium and one small potted plant in every room. Admittedly, most of our plants are succulents because other than being super cute, they are extremely low maintenance. And if you don’t have a green thumb at all, go fake! There are so many great faux plant options these days.   

Any pro tips on how readers can use rugs pull together a room?

Once you have found a rug that speaks to you, it’s so easy to pull the colors that are in that rug into the rest of the space. So if at all possible, I always try to start with a rug (or rugs) you love and build the entire room around them! And if your home is already fully furnished, what’s great about antique rugs is that they are going to bring such color, character and history to a space regardless of what décor they are paired with. We’re firm believers that with vintage rugs “when you know, you know,” and it’s worth waiting until you find one that you can’t live without. It will likely be something you have in your home for a long time, if not forever.

What’s the best way to maintain a rug that people may not know?

People underestimate the power of rotating a rug every few months or so. If it’s in a high traffic area, this will ensure that as it ages/wears, it does so evenly, which in turn helps it retain its value. It’s also really important to avoid direct sunlight from hitting the rug consistently, which will cause colors to fade.  

Where are some of your favorite places to buy home décor items online?

Urban Outfitters has become increasingly impressive with its home décor selection—I’ve found some really unique yet affordable pieces there. I also love Article for furniture, Wayfair and Target for décor, and Anthropologie for those wow-factor pieces.

What was your biggest challenge in decorating your home?

Making it cohesive. I’m equally as obsessed with farmhouses as I am with sleek mid-century modern homes as I am with colorful bohemian bungalows as I am with coastal beach houses, so simply blending everything I love about each of those styles was the biggest challenge. I think our overall type of home made it a bit easier, in that going super modern in a 1950s cottage just wouldn’t make much sense. I love the little coastal/modern/boho/farmhouse we ended up with.

Do you have any DIY pieces that you’re proud of?

I always dreamed of having a window seat, and when we moved into our house there was the perfect empty nook in our bedroom for one. I came up with the idea to build one with a herringbone pattern and my husband made it happen and now it’s my most favorite spot. I also fell in love with a Bob Collins wallpaper for our powder room, but couldn’t justify the price tag so enlisted my sister to hand paint it for us. I think I like it better than the original!

Decorative Ladder // Rug

What has been the biggest indulgence in decorating your home?

Rugs, rugs and more vintage rugs. At this point we have found “the one” for almost every space in our home, but occasionally there’s still rugs that make it in but never make it out. 

Are there any brands or trends you’re loving right now?

Rattan is having a major moment right now, and I’m 100 percent along for the ride. From rattan shelves to coffee tables to peacock chairs, I can’t get enough.

What’s your idea of the perfect day off?

I’m a total sun-worshipper, so anywhere outside by a body of water on a beautiful day sounds like perfection.

Favorite flower?

Peonies will forever have my heart. They are fleeting, but so, so magical.



Lindsey Graziano – @newenglandloom

Photographer – Becca Brendler

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