Jamie Chung’s Gorgeous Atlanta Condo

From the high ceilings and the exposed brick walls of the old historic building to the neutral color palette, actress Jamie Chung‘s Atlanta home is full of character. The space was completely designed and serviced by Decorist‘s Creative Director, Jessica McCarthy, who is also giving us her best design advice. The comfortable and stylish space reflects the laid-back West Coast style Jamie loves, while honoring the architecture of the space to create the perfect space for relaxing and entertaining. We love all of the beautiful touches throughout and can’t wait for you to see them in this home tour below. Step inside and get ready to swoon! Plus, get some great advice on how to decorate a small space.

Tell us about Jamie’s space from a designer’s perspective?

Jamie’s home in Atlanta started out as a blank canvas with beautiful high ceilings and exposed brick walls in an old historic building. My goal was to create an open living room/dining room that would be comfortable for entertaining, but also stay true to the industrial style of the architecture of the space. I used the colors from the exposed brick as my inspiration and focused on mixing textures with modern furniture. Bohemian accents finished it off to create a really comfortable, stylish space. There is ample seating for entertaining and a beautiful dining room with a large dining table perfect for dinner parties.

What was the design inspiration behind this project?

Jamie is from California, and loves the laid-back, relaxing West Coast style, but I wanted to make sure to honor the architecture of the space as well as include local pieces from Atlanta. The architecture of the space really inspired the color palette. I pulled touches of pink and red from the exposed brick and kept the rest of the color palette neutral with the only accent color being pops of green from the natural elements of plants we pulled into the space. Using chic furnishings from Bed Bath & Beyond, such as the modern dining table, the mix of black chairs, an oversized (and super comfy!) white sofa along with a Moroccan rug kept the space feeling eclectic and relaxed. Touches of velvet and black accents added a bit of sophistication.

Are there any key pieces you’re particularly in love with?

My favorite piece in this space is the green velvet chair from Bed Bath & Beyond. It is the only colored piece of furniture in the space and really stands out. I love the modern shape juxtaposed with the sophisticated velvet material and touches of brass on the legs!

Tell us about the gallery wall. What was the process like there?

I normally would source art while sourcing the rest of the furniture in the space, but with Jamie’s space, the art was the last thing I sourced, and it was from Artfully Walls. I was able to focus on choosing pieces that really pulled the entire space together by creating a cohesive color palette. I chose artwork that felt representative of Jamie’s love for fashion. The scale of the art allowed me to cover the entire wall behind the dining table, which I think ends up being the most impactful element of the design.

What’s your best piece of advice for decorating a smaller space?

Be practical and get creative! Play around with the floor plan to be sure you are using the space as best as you can. Also, source multi-functional pieces such as a coffee table with ample storage or an ottoman that can be used for extra seating. Also, less is more in small spaces. Instead of cluttering the space with accessories, choose your favorites and let fewer items shine. My final tip is to focus on light colors. Keeping the color palette light will prevent the space from feeling weighed down and actually make your space feel bigger.


Decorist – @decoristofficial

Photography by Shelly Guberek

Jamie Chung partnered with Decorist, as well as Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Artfully Walls.

Jamie Chung – @jamiejchung

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