How To Create A Tech/Life Balance When You WFH

I’ve been working from home for years, so when the pandemic hit, there wasn’t much change, other than spending almost all of my days in my home. However, since I’ve started WFH, so much of my personal and work life have become intertwined. Plus, my current career path requires me to stay up to date on culture through social media.

So, in fewer words, I have always been quite attached to my tech products! Just think about it. How often do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling or constantly checking your devices for notifications? Don’t be ashamed. We have all done this, and most likely, recently, too. Screens have seamlessly become integrated into our everyday lives.

Although, I have to admit, limiting my time around tech has worked wonders in my personal life. My relationship with technology had become obsessive and caused a lot of disruption throughout the day. It had only gotten worse since working from home because, hello, I can work whenever and wherever I want, right? Well, it’s easy to take that too far — I know from personal experience.

Creating a set of tech rules at home has made my relationship with all of my devices healthier and much less distracting. Also, creating these boundaries has helped with my overall FOMO (fear of missing out).

Here are some rules to follow if you need to set boundaries to create a healthy tech/life balance, even when you work from home!

  1. No work after 6 p.m. Unless I’m working on writing a piece, I never work after dinner. Writing is my only exception since I tend to get very inspired to create content in the evening. Even then, I try to limit this to an hour or two to get a break from my tech devices hours before bed.
  2. No phones or tech at the dinner table. My boyfriend and I take dinner very seriously, and we keep each other accountable. We’ve agreed that evenings should be reserved for our family time when we focus on ourselves.
  3. Set limits for the apps you’re doom scrolling through constantly. My boyfriend has a huge Twitter problem. He would spend hours scrolling through his endless feed. He fixed this by giving himself time limits on his phone’s social media apps.
  4. Take screen breaks. Thankfully, my Apple watch helps me by reminding me to take screen breaks and stand up and walk around every hour throughout the workday. Set reminders to ensure you don’t miss a break.
  5. Stretch that tech-neck. Staring down at our phones and laptops wreaks havoc on our bodies, but when our jobs revolve around our tech devices, it’s important to use your breaks wisely. Move around and stretch to avoid those pesky WFH aches.
  6. Buy an alarm clock. I did the thing we all are scared to do…I gave up my phone alarm for an old school alarm clock, and things have never been better. Not having my phone in my room at night helps keep me from late-night scrolling on the nights I have trouble sleeping. Trust me; blue light is the enemy!
  7. Take advantage of Do Not Disturb mode on your phone and devices. After 9 p.m., I am virtually unable to be reached, and it’s definitely helped me free up my nights. Even if I am working on some light night creative project, it’s free of distracting notifications.
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Author: Wendy Vazquez

Wendy is the Editorial Assistant here at the Glitter Guide. She has a background in PR and marketing, but her true passion is editorial. She enjoys all things beauty and lifestyle.