Spring Décor Upgrades Perfect For Renters

Springtime often brings an urge to switch things up, especially in your home. But if you’re a renter like me, you know your options are often limited. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun upgrades these days that will help you get the spring refresh you so desperately crave without making a dent in your security deposit.


Spring Décor Upgrades

via our home tour with Elsie Larson

Swapping out the standard hardware in your rental home is an easy, temporary upgrade. Most rental homes come with the cheapest, standard hardware big-box stores have to offer, and it’s usually not that aesthetically pleasing. Swap out your cabinet hardware, light fixture covers and door knobs for a quick and impactful upgrade.

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Wall décor

Even in a rental, you likely have artwork or pictures hung throughout the space, so why not change it up for the seasons? For springtime, bring in bright colors and happy prints to help liven up your space. Even if you’re just swapping out your artwork in each room, it will bring a fresh and welcomed change to the space.

Large Wallflower

These Guidon-style wall pennants are an adorable solutions for renters. You can hang them anywhere in your space and they’re available in a variety of sizes and fun prints. It makes for the perfect spring upgrade. 


Removable wall solutions

via our home tour with Ariel Gordon

These days, there are removable options for everything from wallpaper to kitchen backsplash, making it easy to make temporary upgrades to your rental. Add an accent wall in your living room with peel-and-stick wallpaper for a complete refresh to your space. Ugly rental kitchen? Removable backsplash is an affordable and fun way to give it a complete makeover. You can even use removable contact paper to revamp your countertops or fireplace. All of these projects take a little time, but the end result is so worth it.

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Swap out light fixtures

via Taylor Sterling’s dining room makeover

This is one that’s super simple to do and makes a huge impact. You can even add in light fixtures where there weren’t any before with “renter-friendly” plug-in options. Add some sconces on either side of your bed for an instant glow-up or swap out your dining room pendant light (like Taylor did) with a statement fixture you love.

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Opt for open shelving

via our home tour with Arielle Vey

Create a cool urban look by removing the doors from your kitchen cabinets. This is a genius move that requires a bit of long-term storage space as you’ll have to put them somewhere for safekeeping and reattach them before you leave. After you remove the cabinet doors, line the back with wallpaper or even wrapping paper for a fun pop of color. 

Give your furnishings a face list

via our home tour with Miranda Anderson

A bit of minor reupholstery can work wonders to give an old piece of furniture new life. I’m not saying you need to reupholster your entire couch, try starting with dining room chairs or a cool vintage bench. With your favorite fabric sewn either on a machine, hand-sewn or even glued, you can give old furniture a complete makeover in a few simple steps. 


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Author: Samantha Welker

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