12 Examples Of Perfect Coffee Table Styling

Coffee table styling really is an art all on its own. It takes a creative eye, the ability to create levels and a perfectly curated mixture to really create the perfect coffee table harmony. The good news is you can be a fan of any décor style and bring that personality to your coffee table. After all, the coffee table is a focal piece of your living room, the most communal space in your home. These 12 examples perfectly master the art of showcasing their style and personality through décor.

coffee table styling

In our home tour with Layne Kula we fell in love with her organic, retro-infused style.


Matilda Goad can do no wrong in my eyes and I never knew I needed a moss-filled bowl of taper candles on my coffee table until now.


Hopie Stockman of Blockshop Textiles never skimps on color or fun.


Anna Brettschneider’s purple shamrock makes a fun companion for her selection of coffee table books.


Tiffany Howell of Night Palm is always giving design excellence, so it’s not surprising her understated yet unique coffee table styling is perfection.


We love Nike Van Dinther’s unique multi-level coffee table and especially the colorful collection of décor she uses to style it.


Ashley Clark’s coffee table styling is that perfect mix of modern and boho. We love the storage baskets underneath!


The varying heights and shapes of these vessels all tie in effortlessly with the rest of the décor. (source)


This room already has a lot going on, so it would be easy for the coffee table styling to become overwhelming, but keeping everything low profile works perfectly.


Kate Spiers always has dreamy décor, and we love how her coffee table styling is always evolving with the seasons.


Styling a round coffee table can be tricky, but Shavonda Gardner always makes it look effortless.


Our home tour with Gray Benko is full of color and quirky décor, including her perfectly styled coffee table.


Check out some of our favorite coffee table books and where to get them.

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Author: Samantha Welker

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