Things You Need For A Dinner Party (When They’re Safe Again)

dinner party

Being the glorified homebody I am, I haven’t missed large social gatherings that much this past year. What I have missed is intimate dinner parties with friends. Once it feels safe again, I’m going all out. I love setting the scene with a good playlist, mood lighting, flowers and creating a beautiful tablescape — I leave most of the cooking to my husband (it’s his fault, he’s so good at it!). Here are some of the things I’m craving for our next dinner party.


Record Player

For me, a good playlist is essential for an epic dinner party. If I’m short on time, Spotify and a portable speaker will do, but if I can, I like to pick out an assortment of records for the evening and rotate through them. It takes effort but makes all the difference.


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My favorite thing about dinner parties (aside from the great company) is setting the table. I like an eclectic mix of plates, glassware, candles and other small details that make a unique and beautiful experience. I especially love vintage items. I collect them throughout the year and then get to mix and match them at parties.


A tablescape isn’t complete without flowers. I usually pick an array of grocery store flowers, but I love to get flowers from my local farmers’ market or flower shop if I have the time. If you’re short on budget, you can be sneaky and cut a few flowers from your neighbor’s garden (shhh! don’t tell them we said that!).


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Author: Taylor Sterling

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